Theory of Realistic Self Defense

Self defense techniques must come from a natural response or instinct in order to be recalled and applied under extreme stress.Deb Maybury

Learn and experiment with self-defense techniques from a place of flexibility. If someone suggests another release/strike/target listen. Try it out. Train outside of the box. Do not believe in a technique just because you are told ‘it will work” or because you respect your teachers abilities.

Techniques must focus on a women’s strengths and the perpetrator’s weaknesses.

Do not share your knowledge. Eighty percent of abuse comes from someone the victim knows, and may truly trust.

Keep self defense as simple as possible. If you do not practise complicated techniques often and over a long period of time you will forget them. Also, if you do not practice them with the same intensity as  a real attack you will ‘REALISTICALLY’ not use them when you need them. The more natural reaction is more likely to be recalled and applied.

You can learn basic self defense very quickly – practice avoidance immediately.

Not all techniques work for everyone. Just because one person is able to apply a technique does not mean that another person can apply  the same technique. If a technique does not feel natural or you can not make it work quickly, it’s probably not the best one for you to rely on to save your life. If you are working with an adult male and he can not make it work–unless you plan on doing a ton of practising and retention work–you will also not be able to make it work.

Mental self defense preparation is at least as important as physical.

You are never too young or old to develop an awareness protection strategy.