debmayburyDeb Maybury here, creator of Realistic Self Defense (RSD) for Women – a self protection and empowerment program for women.

RSD is the product of my extensive training and experimentation in martial arts and my strong desire to help women, of any age, develop skills and strategies to reduce the odds of them becoming a victim of a violent attack.

The Journey

My martial arts journey began in 1993, 20 years after watching Enter the Dragon staring Bruce Lee. The mystique of martial arts remained with me, and ultimately I decided to try the discipline before I became too old to participate. (An incorrect assumption). After researching various styles, I was intrigued by Kung Fu, joined a local studio, and continued to train and teach in that style for 10 years.

Early on in my training I grew frustrated during gruelling self defense classes. Certain techniques did not work for me and some of my peers. I wondered how long it would actually take to be able to effectively master all the techniques. I felt that if a students joins a studio to learn how to protect themselves, the techniques should work almost immediately.  I began to quietly experiment with various movements to see if I could use something other than the required technique.

I discovered that the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE  alone typically served me well. Martial arts self defense is usually taught as follows; if  ‘A’  happens you do such and such technique. Therefore, everyone who trains together knows the attack as well as the counter attack. This is not practical in terms of fighting back in the real world. When a real fight occurs it is quick, aggressive and very unpredictable. Real  fights are messy!

After discovering the benefits of the element of surprise, I quickly realized that natural and basic movements, rather than complicated techniques, enabled me to break away from various grabs and holds. Though I continued to increase my martial arts knowledge in several styles, it is because of these early discoveries that my focus continues to be to teach self defense movements to women and adolescent girls that are basic, natural, and easy to recall.

The RSD Seminar

I love martial arts and the building of knowledge and techniques, but, if you are not going to train on a regular basis and for a significant period of time, that will enable you to retain the techniques, you are wiser to attend a seminar with simple principles!

My strategies and goals are to instruct women on:

    • how to reduce the odds of being a victim first and foremost and,
    • to teach basic movements

My RSD program is a vehicle to empowerment, courage and change. Each of us is unique and has so much potential, which is often surpressed by fear and lack of self confidence.